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Morning... The sunrise, waking up of a nature , flowers are pulled to the sun ,the air is filling with the aroma , voiced birds sings, whisper by a leaves of trees, as though wishing kind morning each other..Waking up of a child, opens its eyes and pulls the handles to the closest human being on the Earth - to the mother.The mum.. Is a word generalizes an happiness, a pleasure,a caress,a tenderness,a kindly and a security in itself.

But much of children, to our regret, do not feel it, losing connection with a mother since the first days of the life. Quite often these kids remain as the orphans and get to the Houses of the child - there are special establishments for child's protection of health.The house of the child is placed in city Bila Tserkva is subordinated to regional management of protection of health of the Kiev's regional state administration. This specialized establishment intended for the children - orphans and children - invalids by age from two weeks till 4 years.

Now here live and bring up 60 children , practically all children have this or that a problem with their health. There are children with a children's cerebral palsy, Dawn's syndrome, epilepsy, physical nee defects, for example hearts, a defect of jaw and face,a delay of mental and physical development. Five children have AIDS, four ones - are suffer from a hepatitis B,С.

Children require an attention,a treatment,a balanced diet and a care constantly. Because of an absence of necessary means, which are gaining with the state but in necessary volume, is not to the full provided a requirements for ability to live of children, which in receive less vegetables, fruit, vitamins .

Also it is impossible to give the children - invalids high-grade a neurological and a rehabilitation help because of absence of means on purchase of the necessary equipment, on organization a study for a physiotherapy, training hall, on purchase of necessary furniture.

The personnel of a house of the child consists of the doctor - pediatricians, psychiatrists, doctor of speech therapy, doctor of general defects, tutors, nurses and medical sisters. They direct all efforts to main purpose - that children did not feel their orphanhood and illnesses, give to children warmly of the hearts, develop abilities and social skills of children with physical and intellectual defects, that in the future such children could to conduct a life the high-grade and worthy of human being .

We address to the people having kind heart, not hard soul with an appeal to help our children and to improve conditions of their life, education and health. We are interested in cooperation with the private persons, enterprises of all patterns of ownership and funds. We wait for the offers, responses of the interested people.

With the hope and the gratitude - the collective of Bila Tserkva's Home of the child.

The director - doctor Tatyana Gryban.

Our address: Ukraine, 09113, Kiev regional, city Bila Tserkva, street. Kryjanovskogo str., 6, Home of the child, telephone +38-04463-45568,  Email  :  , Bank address : account :35422004002039 ,a name : "The Management of the Treasury in Kyiv region ", MFO 821018, code 03066940


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